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Hangar current KLM fleet

This downloadable list only represent a small selection of KLM aircraft. Of course many more
KLM machines with other registrations can be found on several FS sites.
See also the page 'Current fleet' for the right registrations.

For the TDS aircraft you need
the TDS B737-700/800/900 Base Package

Logo Airbus
2x Airbus A330-200
3x Airbus A330-300
1x Airbus A350-900

Logo Boeing
2x Boeing 737-700

2x Boeing 737-800
2x Boeing 737-900
4x Boeing 747-400
      1x Boeing 747-400ERF
    2x Boeing 777-200ER
    4x Boeing 777-300ER

PH-AOA Posky Airbus A330-203 PH-AOA (FS9 + FSX)
PH-AOC Posky Airbus A330-200 PH-AOC (FS9 only)
TOM Airbus A330-300 PH-AKA (FSX only)
PH-AKA Posky Airbus A330-300 PH-AKA (FS9 + FSX)
PH-AKB Posky Airbus A330-300 PH-AKB (FS9 + FSX)
PH-BGX TDS Boeing 737-700 PH-BGX (FS9 + FSX)
(TDS FS9 base package 737-700 here)
(TDS FS9 base package 737-700 fix here)
(TDS FSX base package 737-700 here)
PH-BGF Posky Boeing 737-700 PH-BGF (FS9 only)
(Posky 737-700 PH-BGD here)
PH-BXA standard 2 Air Scheffel (AS) Boeing 737-800 PH-BXA (FS9 + FSX)
(zip file incl. several other liveries)
(Air Scheffel base package 738 here)
(Air Scheffel push back zip 738 here)
(Air Scheffel Manual pdf 738 here)

PH-BXA (retro) AS Retro Boeing 737-800 PH-BXA (FS9 + FSX)
(zip file incl. several other liveries; see above)

PH-BXC TDS Boeing 737-800 PH-BXC (FS9 + FSX)
(Base Package TDS 738 here)
PH-BXT TDS Boeing 737-900 PH-BXT (FS9 + FSX)
(TDS 739 PH-BXS here)

(TDS base package 737-900 here)
PH-BXO Posky Boeing 737-900 PH-BXO (FS9 only)
PH-BFO Posky Boeing 747-400M PH-BFO and BFY (FS9 + FSX)
(B744M PH-BFY here)
PH-BFL Meljet Boeing 747-400 PH-BFL (FSX only)
PH-BFL Posky Boeing 747-400 PH-BFL (FS9 + FSX)
Posky Boeing 747-400ERF PH-CKB (FS9 Only)
PH-BQE SkySpirit Boeing 777-200ER PH-BQE (FS9 + FSX)
PH-BQP Posky Boeing 777-200 PH-BQP (FS9 only)
PH-BVB Posky Boeing 777-306ER PH-BVB (FS9)
SkySpirit Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVI (FS9 + FSX)
PH-BVD SkySpirit Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVD (FS9 + FSX) *)
*) SkyTeam livery
PH-BVK SkySpirit Boeing 777-300ER PH-BVK (FS9 + FSX)
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