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check out the weather for: \n"; echo "your country:\n"; // some inescapable HTML code echo "
\n"; if (!isset($country)) $country="IT"; // give him a country if not yet selected! echo displayCountryMenu("country","dropclass"); // call the displayCountryMenu function! // I prefer entering here the weather for echo "

\n"; // Rome airport Leonardo da Vinci because echo "

\n"; // in a former live I lived there and thatīs echo "your station:\n"; // why I always have to look in my present echo "
\n"; // live if the sky over Rome is still there! if (!isset($ICAO)) $ICAO="LIRF"; // give him a station if not yet selected! echo displayStationMenu($country,"ICAO","dropclass"); // call the displayStationMenu function! // ICAO codes are common designatings for echo "    \n"; // Civil Aviation Organization" echo "\n"; echo "

\n"; if ($action=="submit") { // if an airport is selected... if ($ceck=getMetarFromWWW($ICAO)) { // and if there is a METAR code... echo "

\n"; echo displayEasyWeather($ceck["metar"],"en"); // a very easy way to display the weather echo "

\n"; echo "

\n"; echo $ceck["metar"]; echo "

\n"; } if ($ceck=getTAFFromWWW($ICAO)) { // and if there is a TAF code... echo "

\n"; echo displayEasyForecast($ceck["taf"],"en"); // display easily the forecast echo "

\n"; echo "

\n"; echo $ceck["taf"]; echo "

\n"; } } ?>