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MP Leg 058 - RedBaron - 06-18-2011

Hi guys,

Next flight is scheduled for tonight (European time) leaving On the Rocks for Grapevine (51AZ).
Everybody is welcome to join the flightYes

RE: MP Leg 058 - RedBaron - 06-19-2011

Hi folks.

Here we are again. Dave and Stefaan are already there and Vic will join us later on.

I departed a little bit earlier as I had to fly to El Centro for a quick refuel...
Here I am on short final to one of their runways.

After the really quick refuel I am ready to go as Dave and Stefaan are approaching. During my refuelling I was suprprised to be below Sea LevelConfused

Dave is touching down.

After departure from El Centro I headed over to Imperial and shot a nice touch and go there.

Next was Mexicali again and Dave just overflew it whilst Stefaan is on very short final with me being just behind him.

After this short trip over Mexico once more we crossed the border again and flew a touch and go at Yuma MCAS. I circled the airfield to take some more screenshotsBiggrin

Then came the longest leg of the whole flight and Dave obviously got bored and tried to fly upside down. Well, if he can do it, so can I!Rofl

But it appeared that it was not my kind of flying and so I continued in the ordinary way. I think the results might be slightly better if you attempt a touch and go.BiggrinOn_the_quiet
In the meantime we reached Buckeye and here I am on short final.

And airborne again.

Next airport was Phoenix Goodyear.

Followed by a little sidestep to Luke AFB.

Approaching Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Falcon Field below me.

Some hilly terrain in front, but we will cross it without problemsBiggrin

Here I am at Grapevine airfield waiting for my fellow pilots to arrive. Beach

And here they are: Stefaan next to me and Vic in the Lear Jet.

And Dave on the other side.

OK, here we are now and I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Next weekend I will have my FW190D9 'Priller' back. It has been repaired after my landing accident at 'The Sea Ranch'.Ashamed

RE: MP Leg 058 - TCA2050 - 06-19-2011

Some of my screenshots of this session

Enroute to KNJK, El Centro

Climbing out after my TG at MMML, Christian is doing his TG

I had too much speed when arriving at KYUM, Yuma MCAS so I decided to 'buzz the tower' instead Scool

TG at KGYR, Phoenix Goodyear, Christian coming in behind me

Setting up for TG at KPHX, Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl RW07L.
Christian is in front of me this time...


Dave and Vic behind...

Turning final to RW17 at 51AZ, Grapevine.
Vic is coming around also

Again not a wide runway to aim for

Gathering at the apron locking down our planes and getting ready to find us a good bar. Drinks
Front to back, Vic, me, Christian and Dave for whom this time I have the correct ship.

See you back next week !