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PHPmyEasyWeather contains a powerful range of PHP functions around weather conditions and forecasts. Either for encoding your METAR or TAF codes, or for the full service: getting them and displaying them on your homepage. With functions which are very easy to use you get the weather on a really simple way on your homepage, other functions are more complicated but allow you to customize the layout and the range of information you will display on your site.

Some statements from METAR or TAF codes are not yet provided to encode because I turned my attention to make the provided functions working correctly. Nevertheless it may be that there is a bug inside.

Getting started
License agreement -- Information about use and licensing
Credits and links
Installation -- Information about installation and general settings
First steps -- Getting started

Display functions
displayEasyWeather -- return decoded weather description in HTML
displayEasyForecast -- return decoded weather forecast in HTML
displayCountryMenu -- return a complete country dropdown menu in HTML
displayStationMenu -- return a complete airport dropdown menu in HTML

TAF functions
getTafFromWWW -- return TAF information from WWW
getTafParts -- return exploded TAF string
getTafType -- return type of a partial TAF string
getTafTemp -- return temperature information out of a TAF code

METAR functions
getMetarFromWWW -- return METAR information from WWW
getMetarParts -- return exploded METAR string
getMetarType -- return type of a partial METAR string
getMetarRVR -- return several Runway Visual Ranges out of METAR Code
getMetarTemp -- return temperature out of METAR Code
getMetarDewpoint -- return dewpoint out of METAR Code
getMetarHumidity -- return humidity out of METAR Code

Functions working for both, TAF and METAR
getICAO -- return ICAO code out of given METAR or TAF code
getStationInfo -- return airport name, country and timezone of ICAO code
getCountries -- return an array containing all countries
getStations -- return an array containing airports for given country
getIssueTime -- return time of issue out of METAR or TAF Code
getValidTime -- return time of validity out of a TAF Code
getWind -- return wind information out of METAR or TAF Code
getVisibility -- return visibility out of METAR or TAF Code
getClouds -- return several sky / cloud information out of METAR or TAF Code
getSky -- return sky conditions out of METAR or TAF Code
getPressure -- return air pressure out of METAR or TAF Code
getConditions -- return weather conditions out of METAR or TAF Code
getSun -- return todays time of sunrise/sunset for a given station
sunRiseSet -- return time of sunrise/sunset for a given date and geographical situation
getMoon -- return actual moon phase
getFullMoon -- return previous and next full moon
getIcaoTimeZone -- return name of timezone for a given station
getTimeZone -- return name of timezone for a GMT deviation
getWeatherGrafic -- return the name of an actual weather grafic out of the weatherpics directory.